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- Parts and spares are available on a wide range of Sterilizers and Washer Disinfector machines.

Please enquire for a spares list and availability.


Services >>

- Validation and periodic testing of Sterilizers, Washer Disinfectors and Endoscope Processors.

- Calibration of Temperature and Pressure Instrumentation.

- Steam Quality testing as HTM0101 part C.

- Steam Analysis to HTM0101 part C.

- Water Quality and Analysis as HTM0101 part D and HTM0106.

- Endoscope Microbiological testing, including Sterilizer and Washer Disinfectors.

- Maintenance all service aspects of Washer Disinfectors and Sterilizers.

Specialist Services >>

Independent technical support and advice in Decontamination, Sterilization, Disinfection, Steam and Chemical processes.


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